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Manicures & Pedicures

Spa Manicure

Millennium Spa Manicure $25+
A truly lavish experience. Rest your hands in scented water, then sit and relax as we shape, file and polish your nails for a natural look. Enjoy a soothing hand massage with moisturizing lotion leaving your hands soft and smooth. The final touch is your choice of buffing or polish.
Deluxe Spa Manicure $35+
Our signature Millennium Spa Manicure, with the added care of a Paraffin Wax Warm Hand Dip for the ultimate in softness..
Nail Polish Change $13+ (+$5 French)
Princess Mani $20 (Age 10 & Below)
Gel Polish Manicure $45+
Gel Polish (No Manicure) $35+

Spa Pedicure

CBD Pedicure $55+

Our new stress relieving pedicure option is infused with CBD, known for it’s calming, pain relieving effects. This pedicure is designed to soothe aching joints, sore muscles, and tendon pain- all while leaving your feet and legs glowing. Includes a specialized sea salt soak, sugar scrub, mud masque, and massage butter lotion. 1 hour.

Hydrating Sugar Ped $45+
Pamper your feet in a heated, scented spa bath, followed by a gentle sugar scrub with essential oils for legs and feet and a natural, paraben free hydrating mask. We will shape your nails and care for calluses and cuticles, leaving your feet looking smooth and polished. Includes foot and leg massage, as well as lemongrass infused hot towels. 1 hour
Millennium Spa Pedicure $45+
Soak in a heated, scented spa bath of warm water and Sea Rock, and enjoy a foot and leg massage, exfoliating and cooling spearmint salt scrub, and marine mineral clay mask. Nails are reshaped, cuticles are cleaned and trimmed, and heels are softened and smoothed. Includes our specialty lemongrass infused hot towels. 1 hour
Express Pedicure $35+
Our express pedicure is perfect for the man or woman on the go! We’ll clean up your cuticles, perform a short massage, and add a fresh polish to your toes. 30 minutes
Volcano Pedicure with CBD $59
Volcano Pedicure is an exhilarating 6 step treatment like you’ve never experienced! Detox Volcano crystals and activators combine to create an invigorating and detoxifying soak with an enjoyable bubble explosion. Includes CBD Massage cream and hydrating sugar scrub for a truly luxurious experience! 
Princess Pedicure $35 (Age 10 & below)
Toe Nails Polish Change $15+

Add gel polish to any pedicure for an additional $20 or collagen treatment for $12.